The Brain Games

Our mind: a very powerful tool, has about 86 million neurons and virtually unlimited storage, it weighs 1.4kgs, and it can generate up to 23watts of electrical power- which can power a lightbulb- Now an organ of such caliber requires our due attention, and like any other power tool it goes blunt without proper stimulation. Our brain is the control center, hence to let it deteriorate through negligence is not an option.

Now that the quarantine has been upheld for the past year, unwittingly we have been unable to sharpen our set and as a result, they haven’t been able to reach their optimum utilization. To keep our mind sharp, we need to stimulate it. To stimulate is to exercise it, keep it sharp, to stretch its capabilities. Stimulating our brain does two things, one of which is it keeps our mind sharp and the other is our brain releases dopamine when it receives stimulation. Dopamine is a chemical that our body makes to send messages between nerve cells, it helps us feel pleasure. When our parents ask us to pick up hobbies we like this is the reason.

Now the most common method for stimulating is socializing and holding conversations, unknowingly the other person is exercising our mind, but as we all know the pandemic struck, and away went all our social stimulation. As we will go down the list we will realize how the virus has affected our mental health. The next few recommended methods for stimulation are: keeping a good posture, for good blood flow to our brain; maintaining a sleep schedule; playing games such as puzzles, crossword, Sudoku, Chess; Lastly the black horse- Physical Exercise, now most adults keep asking us to exercise for well obvious reasons, yet a less known reason it to keep our mind engaged Our mind is a heavy duty organ and as one would imagine it need a lot of energy which it receives from the blood. When we exercise, our blood flow increases and our brain in turn gets more energy which increases our cognitive skills.; maintaining a healthy diet also goes a long way.

We have the reasons and advantages for what we should be doing, yet sometimes when you fall out of practice it looks too difficult to get back into the rhythm. But starting slow getting back to building up your tolerance is the key, staying motivated is the name of the game. In both aspects physical and mental exercise- if you are motivated to put in the hard work you will reap the benefits. Your source of motivation can be anything, mine is writing. Sometimes we mess up, try to cut corners, but at the end of the cutting corners is only cheating you out of a healthy life. It is not an obligation. If you know why you’re doing it, what is driving you, you’re golden. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture, keeping that drive to you is the path to success.