Guardian Angels

On Thursday, October 21st we crossed the 1 billion vaccination mark. Over 100 crore Indians were now under the guard of a covid vaccine which made them significantly more secure from the coronavirus as compared to those without the vaccine. India had started administering vaccines from mid-January. The implementation was stage, targeting a different demographic each time to have an efficient method for keeping track of administered doses and to maximise demographic participation for each phase. Other than that to keep track of administered doses many personnel were taught how to use the different government sites so that when doses are administered the people can have a certificate to certify that they have indeed been vaccinated.

United, our frontline workers all striving for the same goal: keeping our health in check. The noblest of the occupations is to work in a field of such prestige, where one is able to sing the highest praises for you without scrutiny. The truest of well wishers one could argue, have been put to work more than the usual for the past two years and we all know why- the modern pandora’s box- Coronavirus. They fought a different battle yet quite similar battle to those fought by an army, put their life on line for someone they don’t even know working tirelessly to protect and save every life on the line in front of them. Such selfless determination to protect one’s country proves the reason as to why healthcare officials are a part of the backbone of a country. To perform such tasks, one needs not only physical strength and stamina but also mental well-being. However, to acknowledge such bravado is not even close to cutting in the massive debt that we have amassed to them. The country stands together – at a six-feet distance of course- in high spirits as we celebrate the 1 billion vaccination mark. This momentous occasion has numerous benefits, but it comes as a sigh of relief for doctors who can finally rest a little before entering the front lines again.

Moving on to another set of unsung heroes the frontline volunteers who of their own accord volunteered to better our country by taking on a great risk to create awareness, handle the administrative tasks (like handling the software), go to j and j clusters etcetera. ASHA workers have also been a huge piece of the pie that has led us up to this achievement. Accredited Social Health Activist act as an interface between the health system and their accountable area. This means that they are trained to raise awareness for matters like vaccination camps and the need to get vaccinated. Moreover, they’re also given a drug kit so that in a medical situation they can act as a first responder. ASHA workers work on a performance based incentivised system where participation and inclusion are the keystones for the workers under this, they also promote universal immunization. They are also the first contact between any the communities who raise their grievances regarding the healthcare facilities. ASHA workers can also provide basic curative care which is appropriate and feasible for that level. The above listed are all but some of the tasks for ASHA workers who work hard to bridge that gap to develop their locality for a better and healthy tomorrow.

Such respectable work from every single frontline worker has to be more than acknowledged, we have to keep their sacrifices in mind before we refuse to put on a mask, refuse basic health care, throw caution to the wind and get reckless in such delicate times. It is them who have kept the country intact and they have tried their best to keep us in a healthy shape. If they can sacrifice so much for our health then why should we take it for granted and refuse because of mild discomfort. Wear a mask, get vaccinated, take the necessary precautions to be safe of coronavirus.

Authors note- Having seen the situation from a ground level even though my contributions on the bigger picture are next to insignificant, it made me gain a whole new level of unparalleled respect for anyone with any contributions to the movement. The logistics and administration behind running a vaccination camp is immense. With every single person part of it playing a important role both at ground level and also those who hold public office positions. From the doctors to the government personnel who have worked to achieve this goal is to be treated with gratitude and respect as they have played the largest role in this accolade and without them it would have been absolutely impossible