The art of learning began ever since we were born. The moment we sputtered our first words to our first steps, all our extra-curricular and academic achievements. All these accolades we achieved because we learned the tradecraft from someone who is informed in the skill in question: our teachers. As we grow up the learnings we receive change, yet the fundamentals remain the same- from learning how to walk to advanced math someone teaches it to us with a lot of patience.

This person, so well informed in their area of expertise that they’re certified to teach it to others, works tirelessly to help us. They have the experience and knowledge to help us and nudge us in the right direction. There are multiple types of teachers who work in their manner and a few might not like their method of teaching but it’s tried and tested and usually does have a payoff. Each teacher is unique in their own way but the one who goes out of his way is the most memorable and impactful. The teacher who enjoys their subject thoroughly would always teach with an attitude of nourishment.

These are testing times, even a teacher full of passion for his subject is tired of staring at a screen waiting for someone to unmute and answer the question he so asked with such enthusiasm – I myself prefer not to unmute unless explicitly asked to do so- It puts a barrier between the craft and craftsmen. The era of education is changing and so is the way you view it. A personal experience to some degree where 40 children sat in a classroom and the teacher taught patiently waiting for everyone, learning collaboratively and every so often throwing the marker at me and my friend asking us to stop talking while everyone else had a good chuckle to a time where school means getting up late and switching on your device to join the class you absent-mindedly attend.

This new form of education is convenient but is it useful, is it even sustainable? Are teachers even able to impart their wisdom and get their points across efficiently online? The joy of teaching lies in its personal touch, the impact a teacher has on a student is everlasting, yet the impact made under these circumstances is hurried, neither the student nor the teacher gets the feeling of having learned something that has been imprinted in you be it the morals or even the theory you learned in class forever. However, as the circumstances command, we must follow.

This teachers’ day lets widen the diaspora of the word teacher to anyone who has impacted your life in such a way that will have a long-lasting impact, someone who brought to you the guiding light that you needed to leave the room of darkness for enlightenment, someone who has taught you to find your own way in troubled times while always lending you hand when you find yourself in trouble.

The high school student from Presidium School, Gurugram, Hriday Arora has expressed his gratitude towards the teachers who have done a commendable job in shaping the future of the young minds. He, mentioning the intricacies involved in a teacher-student relationship has successfully demonstrated how teachers are the guiding light for children.