The act of balancing online schooling

Precovid-19 times. Looking back on the past from a student’s perspective creates bittersweet memories. But for better or for worse, covid-19 has transformed education into an irreparable place. It has made student life convenient, efficient and easy. Students’ daily hours were usually planned in their minds, but at least a general day’s plans and goals are common. I had an idea.

The pandemic struck, which led to reforms that shifted everything online. Along with this, I had an unprepared independence.Spend my 10Th The covid-19 grade was an interesting experience. I took note of my enthusiasm for attending the first online class, capturing the main goals over the years and slowly coordinating the rest.

This selectivity – you can choose to pay attention or ignore – for example, if you are not paying attention in the class, you will eventually be called by talking to a friend or doing something else. In an online class, all you have to do is pretend to be a connection problem and go on a fun path.

The pandemic brought the entire Pandora’s box, but relevant to this article is the free time it brought. Time is a double-edged sword, and if you make a mistake, you’ll be lazy, trapped in the past, and wasting precious time on everything. But when done right, it accomplishes a lot and becomes productive, a perfect world that everyone longs for. Alas, our world is far from the utopia we want to achieve someday.

Time management doesn’t mean always be productive NO! It means being as productive as possible without burning out, taking downtime into account. Effective time management has been proven to reduce stress and improve academic performance. This does not mean that you should step on this burnt-out line.A common problem is the misconception that time management takes study as a whole of the day’s main event and sprinkles on some breaks. Balance..

I am neither a wise child nor a knowledgeable person. I just experienced an online school like everyone else. What I’ve learned is that I’m doing everything to the extreme. Long hours of the day. What I’ve noticed is a stressor, which may be a lot of work. Measure it and increase the place to work and the time to relax. The ratio of work to relaxation time should be practical and not according to the number of assignments, course work, and study.

At this moment, I want to highlight the disparity in India. I was able to spend comfortably at the online school. I’ve gotten easier with that process, but not everyone has made such a seamless transition. We attended classes comfortably at home, but some schools provided shelter shelters and facilities that were not at home. This disparity further widens the gap between underprivileged children and us who are lucky. The immediate goal is to fill the gap, because reaching irreparable levels not only creates social imbalances, but also hinders the development of our country. That is why we, as a society, do this. There is an urgent need to work on it.