Hi, I am Hriday

To Know More About Me

  • I am currently in Grade 12 Commerce Stream with Economics, Maths & Business Studies as Major Subjects
  • I am Co-Founder of Social Entrepreneurship NGO Shabbad
  • I am Cultural Secretary of Presidium School Gurgaon
  • I am CBSE Wellness Ambassador for Presidium School
  • I am Student Editor of Presidium School Magazine Spotlight
  • I am Research Fellow with Oxford Professor Mr. Bernani
  • I have published Original Research Article on Health Economics Model
  • I am Founder President of Student Economic Society at Presidium School
  • I am Program Coordinator for Happy Healthy Heart with Purple
  • I am Pro – bono Teacher for Bagiya ( School for Underprivileged Society)
  • I am Author of over 20 Articles/Write-ups for National Digital Platforms Like HT/ CNBC /DNA
  • I am Active PMUN Committee for last 4 years at my school
  • I Run Blog site Hridayarora.com
  • To know more about me follow me on LinkedIn – Linkedin Profile

Few Of My Published Articles


Books I recommend to read

“Build your own dreams,
or someone else will hire
you to build theirs”

 – Farrah Gray

Next Step? Keep In Touch

I publish a weekly newsletter called “Hriday’s Writings”. It’s an email with the biggest
lessons I learned recently, content I shared with friends, and tools and tips I’m
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Mail me to reach out at ha@hridayarora.com

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